Our Approach

Through a refined and proven methodology, we successfully source, grow, and exit companies. Here’s how it works.

Our Investment Journey

Health System Partnerships

The Health System Innovation Council is a powerful strategic alliance between Caduceus Capital Partners and health systems around the country. The endeavor brings Caduceus’ proven early stage digital health investment model to health systems wanting access to transformative technologies and venture capital insights.

Disciplined Digital Health Investing

Throughout each phase of the investing process, Caduceus Capital Partners maintains five pillars that guide our approach.

Serve Our Companies and Investors

Caduceus can only achieve its objectives in partnership with others. Our primary task is to serve our management teams and provide them with operational expertise and growth opportunities that will support them in attaining our shared goals. It is through this unique approach that we are able to deliver strong returns to our investors.

Outperform the Market

Not all areas of healthcare are positioned for rapid growth. We target the digital health sectors that are best positioned to benefit from industry disruption, and then focus on the companies within those sectors with demonstrated growth potential.

Create Growth Opportunities

Over the past 30 years, we have cultivated relationships with some of the most influential healthcare organizations and leaders. We tap into this network to provide our portfolio companies with growth opportunities in the form of new customers, strategic partnerships, and operational resources.

Profit from Growth

Customer and revenue growth – not financial engineering and market timing – are the primary drivers of investment returns, which is why we take a limited approach when using debt financing in our investments. This reduces risk and ensures we’re focused on high-growth sectors.

Move with Urgency

Covid-19 has pushed the digital health sector to evolve rapidly and in a more dynamic way than we’ve seen before. We must act with a sense of urgency to help our portfolio companies advance new opportunities, maximize operational strength, and gain competitive advantages.