Caduceus Capital Partners invests in early-stage digital health companies poised to make a difference in shaping the way healthcare is accessed, delivered, and paid for across the country.

We’re proud to work with these innovative industry disruptors.

  • CaringWays

    CaringWays is the first crowdfunding platform specifically and exclusively designed to serve patients and their families. Fully transparent and HIPAA-compliant, CaringWays technology offers a straightforward and secure way for patients to raise money and pay directly for medical expenses, prescription drugs and other health-related needs. In addition to partnering with hospitals, CaringWays works with addiction treatment facilities and other healthcare providers, allowing friends and family to directly contribute to their loved one’s care.

  • EvidenceCare

    EvidenceCare is the leading clinical decision support system (CDSS) with an EHR-integrated platform that optimizes clinician workflows to deliver better patient care, reduce hospital costs, and capture more revenue. Founded in response to the professional experience of emergency physician Dr. Brian Fengler, the platform provides clinicians with evidence-based care and measurable outcomes.

  • Intelligent Observation

    Intelligent Observation (IO) helps healthcare staff combat healthcare-associated infections and create a safer hospital environment through its innovative electronic hand hygiene monitoring system. Leveraging its patented NFMI technology, IO precisely records every single hand hygiene compliance event in a healthcare facility.

  • Janus Health

    Janus Health is transforming revenue cycle work by developing the only end-to-end process improvement platform. By learning the optimal path of workflows, Janus rapidly deploys automation and tools to empower team members. Partnering with large international distribution networks and revenue cycle outsourcers, Janus is poised to become the market leader in the revenue cycle AI and automation industry.

  • Plankk

    Plankk is a software platform built to change the way fitness influencers and professionals deliver digital content to their audiences. Plankk allows fitness influencers to create their own personalized, fully customized fitness apps with the help of an expert team of fitness app developers, designers and strategists.

  • ProRank

    ProRank offers a talent acquisition and engagement suite powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company’s platform includes a proprietary contextual search engine, an unbiased ranking algorithm, a 700M+ database of passive global candidates, and a talent CRM to deliver an unprecedented efficient recruiting experience.

  • Reperio

    Reperio’s mission is to empower individuals across the planet to attain their best health through access to data, simplicity, and discovery. As access to personal healthcare data continues to become more relevant, Reperio’s comprehensive in-home health screening provides instant results for key health markers – directly to the consumer. A kit of FDA-approved medical sensors is paired with an app, guiding the individual through a series of health tests. The app highlights problem areas which can be reviewed with a doctor and also offers guidance to help discover better habits and improve health over time.

  • ScriptDrop

    ScriptDrop is the only healthcare IT company specializing in medication access that serves patients in all 50 states. Since 2016, ScriptDrop has worked alongside their healthcare partners to deliver medication access opportunities to patients from coast to coast through technology, empathy, and healthcare expertise.

    Through a robust platform, long-term data storage, multiple service levels, and first-class customer service, ScriptDrop is driving down rates of hospital readmission and improving drug adherence. ScriptDrop has helped pharmacies reduce return to stock rates by 88% and has helped health systems increase their same-day delivery volume by 73% after just two months of partnership.

  • UptimeHealth

    UptimeHealth, headquartered in Boston, provides healthcare administrators and operators with simple-to-use software to manage compliance tasks, increase operational efficiencies, and tap into a large network of qualified biomed technicians to support their medical devices. UptimeHealth products were developed to support the movement of health care to in-home and outpatient settings.