Executive Q&A: Eric Thrailkill, Venture Partner, Caduceus Capital Partners

Jul 19, 2021 | Blog

What made you want to get involved with Caduceus Capital Partners as a venture partner?

We are at the most interesting time in my history within the healthcare industry. Certainly, the pandemic has accelerated technology (estimated by most at 3-7 years), and we have witnessed truly remarkable healthcare achievements from the clinicians, scientists and those in support roles. However, we have also witnessed the continuation of pre-pandemic issues of cost, access and equity on full display.

Meanwhile, technology platforms have accelerated in functionality and cost barriers have been removed for early-stage companies. Dave and Scott have put together an impressive investment thesis – partnering with early-stage companies, targeting industry challenges and coordinating input from experts within the industry. For me, it’s the perfect time to be closely involved with the entrepreneurs and innovators building solutions to these industry challenges.

You are deeply involved in Nashville’s healthcare tech community. What makes this ecosystem special and what can leaders here do to ensure its successful future?

Nashville boasts deep roots in music, healthcare, publishing, financial services, retail and automotive industries. We have seen an acceleration, particularly in the last two decades, of the meaningful contribution to technology in all these industries. Nashville has a rich history of schools, community associations and industries working closely, sharing information, recruiting and training the technology workforce of today and tomorrow.

At the same time in which technology is being rapidly built and adopted to support next generation care models, the competition for the technology workforce is increasing. A continued, aggressive, coordinated and thoughtful approach will require all stakeholders to collaborate in new ways to ensure Nashville remains the place for healthcare advanced technology.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Early in my career, a mentor demonstrated the value of networking and truly listening to others within this complex industry. I’ve met so many brilliant individuals and try to capture (and share) these learnings with others. Be available, be open for discussion and be curious.  In a word – listen.

What is the problem you most want to solve in healthcare?

There are a couple of equal importance to me. For all of my career, I’ve been on the provider side of the industry. I’ve had the fortune to discover solutions with clinicians who dedicate their lives in patient care roles. Solutions that reduce, not increase, the burden and responsibility of these care providers is of significant interest.

In addition, I think we all want a system centered around the individual patient, enabling consumers to be actively involved with their health and healthcare decisions. Solutions that address the problems of data silos, fragmented care processes and redundant workflow processes will increase the satisfaction of both the patient and the provider, enabling high quality care at affordable prices with improved access and equity for all. Fortunately, there are many bright entrepreneurs addressing these problems.

What is your ideal way to spend the day in Nashville?

From my early days in the Nashville community, dating back to 1983, I’ve enjoyed the spectacular parks and outdoor recreation we have available. Percy Warner Park is my absolute favorite – for running, walking, biking, and hiking. Regardless of the season, I always feel refreshed after time in this park and often discover a new trail or path along the way.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Nashville?

This is a hard one – there are so many great places with new entrants on a frequent basis.  I’ll boil it down to three – Epice outdoors in pleasant weather, Etch at the food bar prior to a Predator game, and Chauhan Ale and Masala House. All great experiences.

Tell me something about yourself that isn’t on your resume. 

I love the atmosphere of professional tennis tournaments, particularly on the outside courts where the play is intense, the spectator volume is lighter and the opportunity to witness the top players on the planet is available. I’ve been to the US Open over a dozen times, as well as events in Montreal, Cincinnati, and Indian Wells. One day – the Australian Open. That’s my dream vacation.

What book have you finished recently?

I really like the podcast “How I Built This.”  I think Guy Raz does and amazing job exploring the entrepreneurial journey with inventors and innovators. His most recent book, “How I Built This,” explores each step in the entrepreneurial journey with excerpts and insights from his podcasts. It’s a fun read with interesting stories of luck, hard work and serendipity all combined.

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