Bill Brown

Venture Partner

CEO, Genomind

For almost 35 years, Bill has proven his expertise in turbo-charging companies. He focuses on accelerating growth and mastering successful exits.

The last 20 years of his career have included numerous successful endeavors, including significant experience working with large physician groups, hospitals, and payers. This began during his time at PriCare, where he ran and turned around a physician practice management company that saw several hundred thousand patients annually. He continued this work at A2B Advisors with success accelerating growth for multiple companies. Recently, he accelerated this further with the successful growth and sale of Entrada, a healthcare IT and services company that worked directly with large hospital and physician organizations. He has since successfully exited Entrada as their CEO.

Now, A2B Advisors actively helps companies succeed. A2B Advisors focus on short-term planning engagements and working with companies preparing for transactions to help with cash planning and messaging. This is done utilizing the A2B Playbook, a system that helps leaders clarify ambitious goals, focus on the processes supporting these goals, and execute faster and more effectively than ever before.

Bill sits on several for-profit health IT company Boards of Directors, in addition to being a board member of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and overall EIR for its Project Healthcare Program.