Dave Vreeland

Senior Managing Partner, Caduceus Capital Partners

With 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Dave is a well-known authority on healthcare innovation and venture capital investment. As senior managing partner at Caduceus Capital Partners, Dave oversees investments in early-stage digital health companies that seek to improve the way healthcare is accessed, delivered and paid for across the country. Caduceus Capital Partners Early Stage Digital Health Fund I closed in 2023 with a $29 million raise, has invested in 10 companies and has already achieved two exits. Caduceus Capital Partners Early Stage Digital Health Fund II launched in early 2024 with a goal to raise $50 million and invest in 15-20 portfolio companies.

Prior to founding Caduceus Capital Partners in 2020, Dave served as managing director at Jumpstart Capital, raising $21M for its debut fund: Growth Fund I. He currently serves as the managing director and is responsible for all capital raises and investments in the portfolio.

Dave serves on the board of directors for several Caduceus Capital Partners and Jumpstart Capital portfolio companies, helping to implement successful growth strategies in a highly complex market.

His career in healthcare began in the early 1990s during which he served in various administrative roles at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Dave’s healthcare IT work began when he joined Ernst & Young’s consulting business in the mid-1990s. Dave co-founded Cumberland Consulting Group in Nashville in 2004. He helped build that firm from four original partners to a 500-person firm with annual revenues of more than $100 million. During his thirteen years with Cumberland, he served as partner, co-founder and managing partner over the provider division. Dave was responsible for the sales, marketing, planning and general management of the business, including financial management, operations, and human resources. Cumberland was purchased by Tegria in 2021.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Pre-Professional Studies from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master of Health Administration, Hospital, Healthcare and Business Management from the Washington University School of Medicine. He lives in Nashville with his wife of twenty-five years and enjoys visiting his son, William, at the University of Southern California where he is earning his undergraduate degree.