Kevin Conroy

Portfolio Analyst

In his position as portfolio analyst at Caduceus Capital Partners, Kevin Conroy contributes a keen understanding of the investment world and an ability to predict and stay ahead of cash flow trends. An essential part of the company’s operations, Kevin is responsible for analyzing financial forecasts and implementing programs that maximize profit and efficiency. While collaborating with a diverse team of professionals, he oversees quarterly financial statements, manages complex portfolios, and oversees long term investment strategies. His natural leadership abilities allow him to bring people together to work for a common goal and create a body of work that he and his teammates take pride in.

Kevin began his career as a hedge fund accountant for State Street. He then went on to work with several prominent institutions, including The Citco Group and Carta. Kevin serviced over 20 funds ranging from NYC to Silicon Valley, leading them through their yearly audit and tax engagements. He is known for his determination, hard work and financial expertise.

Born in Philadelphia and currently based in Hoboken, NJ, Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance and his MBA, both from La Salle University. As a former D1 baseball player, he brings enthusiasm and a competitive spirit to every project he undertakes. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and exploring national parks. Kevin cheers for all the Philadelphia sports teams and is an avid golfer.